Ragnarok Odyssey Coming to North America Courtesy of XSEED Games

Ragnarok Odyssey Coming to North America Courtesy of XSEED Games

If there’s one publisher that always pleasantly surprises us by bringing on this side of the Pacific Ocean games that we wouldn’t expect, that would be XSEED Games.

Looks like the Torrance-based publisher had another surprise in store for us, with the announcement that the PS Vita JRPG Ragnarok Odyssey will receive an English localization, and will be released this year in North America.

Developed by Game Arts (that worked on the Lunar and Grandia series),  Ragnarok Odyssey is set in the well known universe of the MMORPG Ragnarok Online, and includes fully customizable characters that can chose between six different jobs and freely swap them during the game. They will have to face extremely large monsters thanks to a versatile combat system that will allow them to deliver devastating combos both on the ground and in the air, and to raise speed and agility at the expense of HP.

Co-op multiplayer is also part of the package, supporting up to four players i ad-hoc mode or online.

Ken Berry, Executive Vice President of XSEED Games commented:

Ragnarok Odyssey is an amazing game that players have recognized through its position as one of the best-selling PSVita titles in Japan. To be able to offer this game, which has been the most requested title by our fans for some time now, is very rewarding and speaks to the level of quality we are committed to delivering to the players.

You can check out the official logo and a few screenshots and artwork pieces in the gallery below: