Ragnarok Online has a New Trailer and Screenshots for European Update and New iOS Titles

Gravity Europe presented their new Ragnarok Online launches today which included Ragnarok Online Renewal, Ragnarok Violet, and Angel Poring.

The first is the largest update every released for the free-to-play MMORPG Ragnarok Online.  The update introduces several reworked gameplay systems and a new interface. It also includes 13 new classes that have been added to the original roster. Ragnarok Violet and Angel Poring are new portable iOS games. The first is an adventure RPG with over 50 quests, weapon swaps, pets, costume customization, and a shop, while Angel Poring is a puzzle game with over 70 levels and many colorful, but exploding Porings.

You can find both iOS games available for purchase in the Apple Store.

Take a look at the screenshots and new trailer below for a quick preview of the latest update and games.

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