Ragnarok Online Kicks Off 9th Anniversary

Ragnarok Online Kicks Off 9th Anniversary

Gravity Interactive has launched their annual tradition of celebrating their popular title, Ragnarok Online. In celebration of the game’s 9th anniversary, the slogan being used in the game is “Where the Old Meets the New”.

Ragnarok Online is an MMORPG that has players teaming up with friends, creating guilds, and battling for the top spot in weekly Guild vs. Guild battle to gain powerful items. Players can customize their characters with over a dozen classes, options for appearance, and optimized equipment. Parties can battle it out in dungeons to defeat special MVP monsters for rare loot.


There will be a 1st Annual Midgard Exposition and Bazaar in game that will celebrate of Satan Morroc and discovery of the New World in the game. The grounds recreate the town of Morroc where the Demon appeared first and players will be able to explore and run into unexpected twists and turns here.

While exploring and taking part in the quest, players will be introduced to a story that will lead to a sinister secret on the fairgrounds. To experience the full event, players will need to be at least level 70.

Players will need to work together to guarantee success in this special event. Gamers can join in the fun now by visiting the game’s site here.