Ragnarok Tactics US Launch Trailer Released

Ragnarok Tactics US Launch Trailer Released

For those of you who have been waiting patiently, Ragnarok Tactics has finally come to the U.S. after being released in Japan a year ago, complete with a new trailer.

Originally released on the PSP, Ragnarok Tactics, Vita users can still play the game like any other PSP digital download.

Ragnarok Tactics is a TRPG–a tactics role playing game–and spinoff of Ragnarok Onlinethat follows the war of two nations: the Branshaldo Empire and the Aura Republic. Peace lingers, but bad blood could trigger a war at any minute. Ragnarok Tactics prides itself on offering players choice over everything: from the start of the game players can choose which nation to side with, which of three factions to join, and are given various decisions to make which lead to five different endings. But it doesn’t stop there: similar to Zero Escape players don’t have to completely replay the story to experience each ending, but can go back to crucial junctons and choose a different path.

Choice and customization also extend to gameplay. Players are given the freedom to customize their characters’ genders, statistics, skills, equipment and more. Gamplay followed typical Ragnarok conventions, like crouching/sitting restoring health for hurt characters.

Ragnarok Tactics is available now on the Playstation Network. For more information, check out the Ragnarok Tactics website. Don’t miss our Gallery after the jump.