Raiden Shogun Team Comp, Best Party Combinations Listed in Genshin

A few tips to help you decide which characters to include in your Party with The Raiden Shogun.

By Iyane Agossah

September 3, 2021

The Raiden Shogun is out with Genshin Impact 2.1, here are some tips to help you create the best party, alongside team comp suggestions with DPS, sub-DPS, and Support characters listed.

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Genshin Impact | Version 2.1 Trailer

Genshin Impact | Version 2.1 Trailer

The Raiden Shogun is an unique character as she gains Resolve Stacks whenever a character in the party uses their Elemental Burst / Q. The higher the Elemental Energy cost of the Q, the higher the Resolve Stacks gained. Once the Resolve is full, you’ll unleash a much stronger version of Raiden’s own Q.

Long story short, if you want to fully build a party around Raiden as the main DPS, you’ll want party members with a lot of Elemental Energy Recharge on their Artifacts’ stats and substats. You should keep that in mind regardless of the characters you use.

Ideally, you’ll want to use The Raiden Shogun as both DPS and Support seeing how useful her E is for additional damage. And how she boosts other party member’s Q. But if you just want to whack everything with her Naginata and Musou no Hitotachi, just do it. Spiral Abyss aside, there’s objectively no content in Genshin Impact that’s hard enough to warrant you to follow DPS guides and stuff. Just do what you find fun and use the characters however you want.

Raiden Shogun team comp recommendations in Genshin Impact

  • DPS characters who works well with Raiden: Xiao, Diluc, Ganyu, Childe, Yoimiya, Keqing, Eula, Hu Tao
  • Sub-DPS characters who work well with Raiden: Mona, Albedo, Xingqiu, Xiangling, Fischl, Kaeya, Lisa, Rosaria
  • Healers, Shield, Supports who work well with Raiden: Qiqi, Jean, Zhongli, Bennett, Barbara, Kujou Sara, Diona.

The DPS characters list is all 5-star characters, so you definitely don’t own them all unless you’re a whale. Use those you’ve raised so far or your favorites. Or you can refrain from including any and use Raiden as the sole main DPS of the party.

As for Sub-DPS characters, basically, this is what you’ll want to look at if you’re f2p as Raiden works well with pretty much every free character. You might prefer Fischl to trigger the Electro Resonance party bonus. Don’t use Beidou or the Electro Traveler as their Kits aren’t particularly synergistic with Raiden’s. In particular, I believe Beidou’s and Raiden’s Q don’t affect each other for some reason. It’ll probably be fixed later.

Lastly, there’s no surprise on the Support characters list. As they’re all characters who work great with anyone. In any Team Comp, Raiden Shogun or not, John Lee is still one of the best characters by far since his buff, making nearly every fight trivial with his Jade Shield. You might want to use Kujou Sara too, but you’ll probably take at least a few weeks (if you don’t use Fragile Resin) to level the Talents and Ascend both her and The Raiden Shogun. Seeing you’ll have to kill the Thunder Manifestation a lot to get enough materials for both. Be sure to read our guide if you haven’t unlocked the Thunder Manifestation yet.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, mobile, and PlayStation. A Switch version is in development. Version 2.2 should launch on October 13, with Thoma as the new character.

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