Raiders of the Broken Planet to Receive Hades Betrayal Campaign in April

With four new missions and an overhauled progression system, MercurySteam announces the launch date for the third campaign to Raiders of the Broken Planet.

Raiders of the Broken Planet will be receiving its third premium campaign, Hades Betrayal, on April 4th. MercurySteam has placed a $9.99 price tag to the stand-alone campaign, much like the campaigns Alien Myths and Wardog Fury. Four new missions for single-player, 4 player co-op, or 4 vs 1 Antagonist modes are included with the Hades Betrayal campaign.

Enric Álvarez, the Game Director for Raiders of the Broken Planet, stated:

In Hades Betrayal we delve into the military might of The Hades Division, and their plan to establish supremacy over all the Broken Planet…The four intense missions included highlight the bitter rivalry that exists between the Division and the other factions, who are fighting over control of the Aleph production – something the Raiders must exploit if they want to stand any chance of succeeding in their mission!

The mercenary outfit’s chief of security, Ayana Kwena, is an exclusive character to the new campaign, and is also the Raiders’ only chance to defeat The Hades Division. Ranking up is now included with a new rewards system, something that was generated as a result from player feedback. Álvarez talked more about this system, saying:

When Hades Betrayal arrives, Raiders of the Broken Planet will effectively be a different game to the one we launched half a year ago…The changes we are introducing to the progression and reward systems are a direct result of player feedback gathered over the last six months. The fans are truly passionate about the game an being in touch with them daily allowed us to dramatically and radically improve our offering. Raiders of the Broken Planet is now a much better game because of this. We also hope this shows our unflinching commitment with Raiders. The game will continue to receive new and better content over time as we work with our dedicated player base.

Raiders of the Broken Planet can be played on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Want to see more of what the third campaign is all about? You can visit the Raiders of the Broken Planet website, or check out the trailer below.

Landon Luthi

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