Raiding In WoW Will See Changes With Cataclysm

By Chad Awkerman

April 26, 2010

Like it or hate it, typically Blizzard changes their mind about everything at one point or another. I tend to think this is a good thing, because it shows that they are changing with the times and, as their games evolve, so does their thinking in regards to various subjects. Raiding in World of Warcraft is not immune to this universal constant. Some info on Blizzard’s new raid philosophy was released today, and it looks mighty fine indeed. I gigantic post was put up by a Community Manager on the European World of Warcraft forums and one can only assume it will make its way to our forums, if it hasn’t already. This post outlined many things that they are going to attempt to hold to when it comes to raiding in Cataclysm. Hit the jump to take a look at the highlights.

  • 10- and 25-man raids will share the same lockout timer.
  • 10- and 25-man raid bosses will be as close in difficulty as Blizzard can possibly make it.
  • 10- and 25-man raid bosses will have the same loot table – they will drop the same items – the only difference will be the quantity of items that drop. Naturally, in the 25-man raid you will see more items, badges and gold drop then in a 10-man encounter.
  • Normal or Heroic difficulties will be chosen on a per-boss basis.
  • Content will continue to be gated, requiring the passage of time or the clearing of a lower difficulty raid to unlock.
  • Early in Cataclysm raid progression, the goal is to give players several smaller raid dungeons with less bosses than one huge dungeon with a ton of bosses.

There you have it, folks. Look for these things to be present in Cataclysm end-game raid dungeons, whatever they may be. Again, check out the full post here for a more in-depth explanation of some of these features.

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