Runner/Shoot ‘Em Up Railgunners Receives a PC Playable Demo

Runner/Shoot ‘Em Up Railgunners Receives a PC Playable Demo

Expresso Game Studios' Railgunners is a combination of a runner and a shmup being developed for PC and Linux. The team has announced a demo now available.

Natal-based Independent developer Expresso Game Studios has been developing its shmup/runner mash-up title Railgunners for two years, now. Today, the team announced that the game has a playable demo available on Steam.

In Railgunners, you will choose from three playable characters, each with their own ship equipped to fight back the alien invasion threatening humanity.

At the beginning of each mission, your ship is shot through an enormous railgun (hence the game’s name), and you will be forced through waves of alien forces, blasting and barreling through until you’ve either been shot down by the enemy or simply ran out of fuel.

Upon the end of a round, you’re teleported back to your base to upgrade either the all-important railgun or your own ship’s abilities. Only once you have made your ship strong enough do you have any hope of reaching the alien mothership and saving humanity.

Railgunners is being developed for PC and Linux, and it is expected to release on Steam in Q2 2018. Upon release, the game will be available for $10.99.

For more information on the game, you can visit the Expresso Game Studios website or the game’s Steam page. Below is the most recent trailer that has been released for Railgunners, showcasing the game’s quick gameplay.