Rain of Reflections Shows off Chapter One Gameplay in New Trailer

Rain of Reflections Shows off Chapter One Gameplay in New Trailer

Get a first look at how Rain of Reflections looks in its first chapter.

A new trailer for Lionbite Games’ Rain of Reflections first chapter has landed and it gives us a first look at the gameplay as well as boasting its dystopian setting.

In a press release, it’s stated that the trailer —as seen below— consists entirely of in-game real-time footage, showing off both exploration elements, dialogue, turn-based strategy components, and even the puzzling looking hacking system.

The first chapter of Rain of Reflections is titled “Set Free” and follows a scientist named Wilona. Originally working towards a solution to solve the worlds sudden infertility, she begins to question the morality of the experiments being carried out. Wilona chooses to set free the lastborn child from captivity, a human child being kept as a live subject.

As players attempt to escape the “powerful forces” that try to stop them, they will be able to explore a dystopian world, ranging from the upper-class Stem, the Trench, Temple, a Waste Plant, and the Labs. They’ll also be able to choose what approach to combat they desire with the turn-based strategy system allowing them to be stealthy, talk their way out, or just open fire. Environmental damage is also present and players can choose to play Rain of Reflections as a point-and-click title or use a gamepad and freely wander.

Choices will need to be made carefully as outcomes are definitive and have the potential to change the way the story plays out.

Once Rain of Reflections’ first chapter launches, the second chapter will land, titled “Open Eye” and follows the story of a different protagonist. Open Eye will let players take charge of a deadbeat private investigator named Dwennon West, living in a cyberpunk-esque city district. Chapter three will be titled “Undercurrent” and will give players control over Imra, a front figure for the Infrared resistance movement responsible for defending their underground hideout The Root.

Rain of Reflections is set to be a single-player narrative game and will be launching on PC. No release date has been confirmed yet but it is said to be arriving in the “coming months”.