Rain World Alpha Trailer Showcases A World Where Everything Is Meant To Kill You

Rain World Alpha Trailer Showcases A World Where Everything Is Meant To Kill You

What’s the most dangerous enemy a video game can throw at players?

What about an entire ecosystem.

Rain World sets players in an alien land where “bone-crushing” rain sweeps over and obliterates everything in its path, and most of the fauna on this world are waiting to eat anything they come across — including you.

Rain World will have players sneaking, climbing, and pouncing their way through a landscape full of hidden secrets and undiscovered dangers. Players assume the role of a lonely nomadic “slugcat” who is both a predator and prey in this land. Other animals hibernate during the deadly torrential downpours, but during the brief dry periods they go out searching for food. The game will involve “nimble” controls and unique animation that makes for natural fluid movement and intuitive weight, for “lightning quick high-wire action.” Enemy A.I. will include cunning, vicious animals that are always hunting you, with limited resources and constant impending threat of rain to test players’ nerve. The game will not be easy, the developers say.

The game will be designed as an open-ended sandbox-styled narrative that lets players make life or death choices that create consequences they must deal with. Rain World will also have cooperative and up to four player competitive gameplay available, including deathmatches, endurance, waves, custom challenges and more.

Rain World is in its final leg of development, and has turned to Kickstarter to help polish the game. The game is being produced by two sole developers: James Primate behind the business end, the music in the game and the trailer you can view below; Joar Jakobsson is behind the concept art, design and programming. The two developers are looking to create a more dynamic world with even more secrets, more narrative choices “to be shocked by,” a lush ecosystem of interesting creatures to kill and eat –or be eaten by– and new terrain, characters and music to experience. They’d also like to hire a skilled C++ contractor to optimize the game, and proper testing and quality control to make sure the game runs smooth.

Rain World is set to debut sometime later this year during the Fall season of 2014 for PC and Mac platforms. Check out the pictures below for a closer look at the game; to support it, check out the Rain World Kickstarter page. You can also learn more about Rain World on the Rain World Steam page, where you can also support the project and get it greenlit via Steam Greenlight.