Rainbow 6 Siege Free Weekend Starting June 11

If the free weekend hooks you into Rainbow 6 Siege, the game will also be going on sale for up to 75% off during that time

Rainbow 6 Siege is an extremely tactical game, one where you have to coordinate with your team to efficiently defeat another group of skilled operatives. Or maybe you just see if you and your friends can stack up all of your C4, you know, like the consummate professionals you are. Any way you want to play Rainbow 6 Siege, soon you’ll get a free opportunity to do so. The game will be having a free weekend from June 11 to June 14, and if you end up really liking Siege, you’ll be able to pick it up for up to 75% off.

However, as with most things Ubisoft does, there are some caveats. Console players can preload the game right now to start playing for free on the 11. PC players on the other hand won’t be able to go through the two big games marketplaces, Steam and the Epic Games Store. Instead, these players will have to download the Uplay launcher and create an account if they don’t already have one.

That’s not to say Rainbow 6 Siege‘s free weekend isn’t worth the slight hassle of downloading a new launcher. Players will have access to the full game, including all maps and modes. It’s not clear whether or not all operators will be available to free players, although I wouldn’t expect them to be. As for buying the game outright, assuming that the base game will be the only version seeing that full-on 75% discount, players will be able to pick up Rainbow 6 Siege for around five dollars.

Once again, Rainbow 6 Siege‘s free weekend is starting this upcoming Thursday, June 11. That’s not where the news ends for this game though. It’s starting to seem more and more likely that other Ubisoft characters may begin to appear in Siege as playable characters. Rayman operator, anyone?

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