Museum Exhibition Rainbow Arcade Highlights LGBT Gaming History

Museum Exhibition Rainbow Arcade Highlights LGBT Gaming History

German museum opens an exhibition which concentrates on contributions made by the LGBT+ community towards the video game industry.

The history of the video game industry is a long and speckled one spanning from enormous AAA titles to humble little indie games. With the sheer magnitude of the industry at large, not everyone gets the recognition that they deserve. Therefore the Schwules Museum in Germany is shining a light on the contributions towards gaming made by members of the LGBT+ community.

The Schwules Museum, which translates as the Gay Museum, is based in Berlin, Germany and concentrates on a number of LGBT+ issues. The gaming exhibition, entitled Rainbow Arcade, takes a look at the history of games which focus positively on such topics as same-sex marriage and coming-out stories while also concentrating on how plotlines of this nature are often forgotten about when recounting powerful moments in video games.

Rainbow Arcade is a collaboration between a number of organizations including the Computer Games Museum Berlin and the LGBTQ Games Archive with support from Berlin Senate of Culture along with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

LGBT+ rights have been prominent in gaming news recently with the reveal that Overwatch’s Soldier: 76 has had same-sex relationships in the past. Esports Player of the Year Sonic Fox has also been very vocal about his sexual orientation. On top of this, the GLAAD Awards will be taking place soon and will feature a gaming category for the first time in its 30-year history.

The Rainbow Arcade exhibition is open now at Schwules Museum, Berlin, Germany.