Rainbow Moon Vita Trailer Shows Off Teaser Footage

Rainbow Moon Vita Trailer Shows Off Teaser Footage

If you love Rainbow Moon, and you’ve been hankering for a way to take it with you on the go, well look no further: Rainbow Moon on the Vita is here.


A while back, developer EastAsiaSoft said they wanted to bring a Vita version of Rainbow Move to gamers, and admittedly said it’d take a while. Now, just about a year later, we’ve gotten our first look on the gameplay (which you can see in the trailer below), but it’s without sound and a little short. But at least it’s on the way, right?

EastAsiaSoft promises that this is only a taste, and that we will be getting more info (and a release date!) later in the year. Until then, you can check out the Rainbow Moon website, or just play it at home on your PS3. No news yet on whether there will be bonus features or content, but as long as there aren’t any shoehorned in gesture combat, I think we’ll be okay.

Now if we can get Square Enix to get us that Final Fantasy X port…

[Thanks, Sixth Axis]