Rainbow Six Video Series Escalation Delves into the Life of Pro Players

Rainbow Six Video Series Escalation Delves into the Life of Pro Players

Every episode of the four-part Rainbow Six Siege video series Escalation is available now; gives insight into what it takes to be a pro player.

Last week, Ubisoft released the first two episodes of its four-part Rainbow Six Siege eSports video series Escalation shortly after its announcement. Today, episodes 3 and 4 were released give viewers more insight on what it is like to play the game on a pro level.

Gear Up, the series’ third episode, dives into the training routine and dedication required to compete in the Rainbow Six Pro League. It also gives an in-depth look at how practices — or scrims — are performed and why it is important to look at your previous matches.

The series’ fourth episode Secure the Clutch revisits a 1 v 5 clutch move from Year 2 accomplished by Brazillian pro player Nesk. Additionally, it breaks down the strategies behind winning when the odds are unfavorable.

Escalation is a video series featuring players from Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, and Supremacy, as well as shoutcasters KiXsTAr and Meligeni as they delve into what it takes to make it in the Pro League. The episodes were filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil where the Rainbow Six Pro League Season Finals took place.

Rainbow Six Siege launched in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Since its release, the game has become popular among competitive first-person shooter fans surpassing 25 million lifetime players.