Rainbow Six Siege Development Team Sees Big Changes

The creative director and brand director of the Rainbow Six Siege development team will be moving to other Ubisoft projects.

Since it released in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has had a really great run despite its rocky launch. At this point, Ubisoft’s tactical shooter is set up for the long run. As such, some of the most prominent members of the Rainbow Six Siege development team, who have working on the game since launch, will move on to pursue other interests within Ubisoft.

Announced in a recent video from Ubisoft, Xavier Marquis, Alexandre Remy, and other members of the core team will be stepping away from Rainbow Six Siege. They have been working with other veterans of the production team, as well as game director Leroy Athanassoff to keep their vision of the shooter intact.

“There was a time during which the game was depending heavily on us, during its genesis, at the beginning. But now the game has an extra piece. It is kind of a sphere, there is the game and its community,” says Marquis, referring to his and Remy’s role in Rainbow Six Siege and how it has grown. “The writing goes way beyond than what developers are including. And today, we need to prepare new developers, new people, new teams to be able to embrace that; it is crucial for the very existence of the game.”

“The new Core team is great. It is composed of veterans who have been working on Siege for a long time. We are under the impression that we are transmitting a legacy to these people,” says Remy about his excitement for the new Rainbow Six Siege development team. “We could not have hoped for a better outcome. I think it is awesome, and I am looking forward to being able to look at Rainbow [Six Siege] with the eyes of a fan, and nothing else.”

So, what does the future hold for Rainbow Six Siege. Athanassoff gives a brief explanation of what the new team has in store for the tactical shooter. He mentions expanding the “game universes,” but how the team will specifically do that isn’t really detailed. He also adds that they want to start adding inclusive features rather than exclusive features to the game that will impact the player experience in beneficial ways.

As alluded to above, Rainbow Six Siege, which is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, is getting set up for the long haul. In a recent interview I had with Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege Esports Director Wei Yue, he said they have a 10-year plan and want to bring 100 Operators to the game.

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