Rainbow Six Siege Has 35 Million Players and An Upcoming Documentary

Rainbow Six Siege Has 35 Million Players and An Upcoming Documentary

Ubisoft announces that Rainbow Six Siege has reached 35 million players and that it will be getting its own esports-focused documentary this fall.

Today, Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Siege events for the at the Ubisoft E3 2018 Press Conference. They also announced that the game has reached 35 million players in addition to the release of the game’s newest season, Operation Para Bellum.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Para Bellum will also be getting two new Operators called Alibi and Maestro shortly. Alibi will utilize holograms, and Maestro will utilize a remote-control turret called Evil Eye. These new operators will be immediately available for Season Pass holders; everyone else will be able to unlock them in the future using Renown or R6 Credits.

Also announced during this particular conference was a documentary following eight community members over nine months in their experiences during competitive play; it will be called Rainbow Six Siege: Another Mindset. The documentary will be released during Six Major Paris from August 13-19. The eight community members will include Macie_Jay, Meligeni, Shas, Willkey, CherryGumms, z1ronic, Pengu, and Lil_Lexi.

Rainbow Six Siege has been out since 2015 and features a variety of events and seasons for both personal enjoyment and competitive play. It is currently available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One, as is its latest season, Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Para Bellum.

If you want to see more from the Ubisoft E3 2018 Press Conference then you can watch the recording of the full press conference here.