Rainbow Six Siege Lunar New Year 2021 Cosmetics Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege Lunar New Year 2021 Cosmetics Revealed

Get Alpha Packs and try your chance for winning the Year of the Ox cosmetics.

Rainbow Six Siege Lunar New Year 2021 cosmetics are officially being announced gradually on the game’s Twitter page with daily posts. Similar to most of the multiplayer games, Ubisoft celebrates the beginning of Chinese New Year with some new Year of the Ox themed cosmetics.

Thus far, the Rainbow Six Siege Lunar New Year 2021 cosmetics includes a new Good Fortune charm, which can be achieved by winning two matches in a full squad of 5v5 in any PvP mode. On the other hand, there is a new Year of the Ox Zodiac Bundle, including a Jade Beast charm and a new weapon skin available for all current weapons. The bundle will drop through the Alpha Packs for a limited time.

It’s expected to receive more new items in the following days as Lunar New Year gifts in Rainbow Six Siege. There’s also a possibility for getting a new elite skin for one of the Asian operators, especially Lesion or Ying, who have never had elite skins so far.

Aside from the cosmetics, Ubisoft offers up to 60% discount on different editions of Rainbow Six Siege for a limited time. You can now grab the Standard edition of the game on any platform for $8. There’s also an extra 15% discount available by entering the LUNAR15 code, which can bring the game’s price near to $7.

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is one of the company’s longest-running multiplayer titles that has already gathered a community as big as tens of millions of players so far. The game is supposed to receive more content in the upcoming years and Ubisoft has launched it on 9th-gen consoles with some significant enhancements later last year.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The Xbox Game Pass subscribers on console can get access to the game for free.