Rainbow Six Siege New Arcade Mode Golden Gun 2.0 Is Now Available

Rainbow Six Siege New Arcade Mode Golden Gun 2.0 Is Now Available

Golden Gun is back to Rainbow Six Siege once again as the new limited-time Arcade Mode.

Every season, Rainbow Six Siege hosts two or three limited-time Arcade modes with some unique rules and themes. Today, Operation Shadow Legacy receives its first Arcade mode which you are probably familiar with: Golden Gun 2.0.

In Golden Gun, your only weapon is a golden D-50 that fires only one bullet after each reload, but the interesting part is only one bullet is enough to take down the opponent, no matter which part of the operator’s body the bullet touches. The main rules in Golden Gun 2.0 is the same as the first one, but there are some differences between playable characters and maps.

Mira, Goyo, and Amaru are the new additions to the group of unplayable operators in the second version of Golden Gun. Also the playable maps has increased to three including Coastline, Border, and House. Players will be able to own the golden skin for D-50 by spending 12500 Reknowns or 360 R6 credits. Golden Gun 2.0 will be available from today until October 5th.

Operation Shadow Legacy has brough a lot of new things to the gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege after a long time. First of all, the developers have added a series of new sights to the attachments menu of operators, along with announcing Hard Breach as a brand new secondary gadget for some of Attackers like Fuze.

Other than that, the game hosts a new set of animations in the menus and matchmaking screens. Map Ban Phase has been added to the Ranked and Unranked matches. Vote-to-kick option has been removed from the Quick Match features.

Aside from the changes above, the game also received Sam Fisher, a.k.a. Zero, as the new operator. Besides, Chalet has been reworked and now has a very different look and design, which will take a bit of time to let you get the hang of it.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game will hit Xbox Series X | S and PS5 as soon as the consoles launch.