Rainbow Six Siege’s New Map Fortress Features Detailed by Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s New Map Fortress Features Detailed by Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege unveils it's latest map, Fortress, which features Morrocan architecture and several tight quarter combat opportunities.

Ubisoft revealed the latest map for Rainbow Six Siege, Fortress, today. The map is paired with the latest update Operation Wind Bastion. The setting for the fortress is Morrocco, and it takes place in a mudbrick kasbah during the daytime. The map boasts colorful rooms and multiple floor levels, retaining that verticality that fans have come to know and love from all of the maps.

The reveal trailer shows a brief look at the exterior of the fortress as well, revealing potential towers for sniping. Throughout the map, there are multiple stained glass windows and ledges for some optional flanking setups. It will be interesting how this map will be open up with traps and wall-breaking. It’s also a fairly cut-and-dry map design, which makes sense following the censorship of some icons and maps in the game’s latest season.

More details for Fortress and the rest of Operation Wind Bastion are set to be announced on November 18 during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Series. No gameplay videos taking place on the map have been release though, so we’ll have to wait probably until after that for a better idea of how the operator meta will be looking for Fortress. Either way, I’m sure my boy Smoke will be more than capable for this map.

You can buy Rainbow Six Siege now for PS4, Xbox One, and of course PC on Amazon.

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