Rainbow Six Siege’s New Operator Zofia Unveiled in Teaser Trailer

Rainbow Six Siege’s New Operator Zofia Unveiled in Teaser Trailer

Rainbow Six Siege is getting another Polish operator from GROM and, lo and behold, it's a slower-yet-stunning version of Ash who also happens to be Ela's sister.

If you’ve been keeping up with Rainbow Six Siege, you’ll know that the game’s next expansions – White Noise – release is near and with it is coming a new competitive season, a new map, and of course new Operators. The game’s next playable character, Zofia, has been unveiled in her Operator Trailer on the Ubisoft UK YouTube channel.

There is currently only one Operator available from GROM, the Polish Special Forces, and that’s Ela: the concussion trip-mine throwing defender. Well, Zofia is her sister.

Zofia’s ability appears to be an explosive double-barrel grenade launcher whose impact rounds can tear through walls, much like Ash. And while another Ash might not sound exciting – or fun to play against on account of her infuriating hitbox – Zofia is more relaxed at 2 armor and 2 speed, making her less aggressive than Ash’s 3 speed. This means, though, that her ability will be a little more advanced, allowing her to shoot through two walls consecutively, without needing to reload. This would allow her to breach through specific sets of walls with just as much of a surprise factor as Ash.

It also seems that her grenades will be concussive in the same vein as her sister Ela’s trip mines.

White Noise will hit the test servers on November 20, with the full release coming the week after that. You can check out more on Rainbow Six Siege, including the upcoming free weekend that begins tomorrow, here, or catch up on the game’s most recent expansion–Blood Orchid– here. You can check out the video below: