Ubisoft Shows Off Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay For New Operators Maverick and Clash

Ubisoft Shows Off Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay For New Operators Maverick and Clash

Ubisoft has released new footage for Rainbow Six Siege showing off gameplay for two brand new operators: Maverick and Clash.

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that just won’t quit and continues to get more content as the days go by. Ubisoft has released a gameplay video from the new Operation Grim Sky update detailing some tips that can be utilized for the brand new operators Maverick and Clash.

To start the video, some new footage was shown of Maverick, one of the new operators, using his torch that can make holes in reinforced walls. It was stated while others can blow big holes into reinforced walls, Maverick has the ability to create smaller openings that can completely change your strategy. If you wanted to make a window big enough to walk through, it would take most of the fuel in your torch, but what Maverick excels at is creating tiny windows that can create sight lines for your squad.

The torch seems to create a plethora of new tactics that don’t just involve creating openings to shoot at enemies. The footage showed the new operator making small holes for drones to pass through and taking out enemy equipment on the floor behind a wall. On top of all this, Maverick’s torch is fairly quiet, giving you a great opportunity to sneak up on enemies and take them out with the new AR-15 50 or the M4 assault rifle.

After Maverick, Clash was shown off. She is equipped with a full body shield that has the ability to stun enemies from a distance as well as damage them. After using the stun gun, the weapon will recharge when not in use. If you drain the entire battery, you will need to wait until the battery fully recharges. While you are equipped with a secondary weapon, her main skill is crowd control. She can draw contact from enemies and stun them, leaving them open for your teammates to take down. If you need to switch to your secondary weapon, the shield will keep you protected on your back just like all the other shields do in the game.

Just because she is equipped with a shield doesn’t make her invincible. She can still be stunned by emp weapons making her stun gun useless for a moment. On top of that, Clash does not have the ability to melee with her shield, so as you can probably tell, she will be used more as a defensive character.

Make sure to check out more on the new update Operation Grim Sky. Rainbow Six Siege is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Anyone who hasn’t grabbed Rainbox Six Siege can grab it on Amazon; check out the gameplay footage below:

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