Rainbow Six Siege Operation: Burnt Horizon Brings You Down Under

Rainbow Six Siege Operation: Burnt Horizon Brings You Down Under

Operation: Burnt Horizon brings Rainbow Six Siege to Australia with two interesting Operators and a vibrant, cleverly designed map.

Last year, I finally got into playing Rainbow Six Siege, and I quickly found out that I was roughly three years late to the party. I love Siege and if I didn’t feel like I had to play every game known to man, I would probably just be a Siegeman for the rest of eternity. Although the game had a slow start when it first launched, looking back at (and playing) the Operators and maps that have been introduced to the game since then have just gotten more interesting as time goes on.

This brings me to the new season update, Operation: Burnt Horizon. Like every big Rainbow Six Siege update, the Year 4: Season 1 content brings two new Operators and a new map, this time set in Australia. The new Operators, Gridlock and Mozzie, quite literally switch things up with some new ways to both attack and defend, with the Outback map possibly being one of the most vibrant maps Siege has ever had.


If you haven’t heard just yet, both the attack and defense Operators have some interesting new gadgets that certainly change how you play in their respective roles. Gridlock is the new attack Operator whose gadget allows you to throw down her anti-vehicle caltrops called Trax Stingers. This allows her to throw down an ever-growing mat of spikes on the ground to slow and hurt enemies. Other than how unrealistic this seems–especially when compared to other Operators in the game–Gridlock plays more like a defender than an attacker, flipping the script of what we’re used to.

I really enjoyed my time playing as Gridlock. Her Trax Stingers are really fun to use but its usefulness may be a bit limited. Sure, I had a really good time watching her caltrops continually grow across a room; it was even more satisfying when it was actually effective. But her gadget only seems useful in certain situations. Maybe if you’re trying to set the diffuser, you can lay down a few of these and cover a good amount of ground but it can easily be countered by shooting the device before it deploys.

You may have guessed it but yes, since Gridlock is an attack Operator that is more defense-oriented, Mozzie is a defense Operator with an attack-oriented gadget. As an attacker, Mozzie is able to deploy little droids called Pests that can be planted around the map to capture enemy drones. He also has a whole lot of swagger with a great reload animation.

Rainbow Six Siege

Mozzie’s gadget is more in line with what I’m used to from a Siege Operator. I also think he could be a very useful asset for a defending team. When I played as Mozzie, my Pest placement strategy was similar to how I would place Mute’s Signal Disrupter. The Pest has an area in which it will hop onto a drone – indicated by a circle that represents its jumping distance – giving you access to it. This is incredibly useful as it gives defenders a chance to become the hunters instead of the hunted. There are some caveats; for example, if you go outside with the drone, you will lose it after a short period of time. However, losing a captured drone means no one can use it, even its original owner.

The weapons each Operator are equipped with didn’t feel any better or worse than the rest of Siege’s weaponry. I did tend to favor Gridlock out of the two Operators because I liked how the F90 felt compared to Mozzie’s Commando 9, but both didn’t feel out of the ordinary. The Super Shorty shotgun is used by both Operators and is a fine secondary addition. It does have low capacity, with only a maximum of three shells, which makes every shot count just a little more. It seemed people go down pretty quickly if you can hit them with one or two shells close range, so it isn’t too much of an issue but I could see how it could be a detriment if you miss, or if a hit isn’t enough to take your opponent down.

Lastly, Operation: Burnt Horizon’s map Outback is a welcome addition to Rainbow Six Siege’s extensive map pool. The first thing I noticed from is just how vibrant and colorful the Australian setting is. The red sand of the Outback, the music you can hear at the bar, and the random shark hanging from the ceiling give this map a personality that other maps have lacked. It was refreshing to see a setting that wasn’t just a nondescript government building.

Rainbow Six Siege

The Outback isn’t just all looks; the design choices made for the map are incredibly clever. More than any map, I felt it was easier to identify and find certain areas due to the maps colorful and playful nature. For example, the building is essentially split up into three different sections each with a different wall color: red, green, and blue. Each section then has its own areas with certain objects or characteristics that make it easy to call out, like the aforementioned shark. The map is a bit large and I would find myself a bit lost at times, but its design and destructiveness made for a fun map that I think players will enjoy.

Operation: Burnt Horizon is a pretty great addition to the ever-growing shooter that is Rainbow Six Siege. Gridlock is one of my favorite Operators to play as, although she may not be the best from a strategical standpoint. Mozzie, on the other hand, may well be a highly-used operator with his incredibly useful gadget to take drones while defending. The Outback is one of the most vibrant maps that Siege has ever had, and that alone makes it an inviting map addition. It is one of the bigger maps but it’s easy to find your way thanks to the smart design choices made to differentiate each room. Operation: Burnt Horizon will definitely get me back into playing Siege. I just hope I can convince my fellow Siegemen to follow.