Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Para Bellum Showcases Villa Map in Latest Trailer

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Para Bellum Showcases Villa Map in Latest Trailer

Ubisoft teases the Villa map, which will be coming with Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Para Bellum. A full reveal is expected May 20.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege players should prepare themselves for the latest update to Year Three Season Two: Operation Para Bellum. While we won’t know much about what the new operation holds for players until the official full Twitch showcase on May 20, Ubisoft has released a trailer for the newest map called Villa.

A quick pan through the Italian countryside of the Villa reveals to us that there’s a lot of detail against the beautiful sunset of the Villa’s countryside setting. Pans through the interior of the estate reveal plenty of room for complex strategies and hidey-holes, be it through garages, basements, hidden passageways, and more. There are some beautiful shots of marble statues, a huge kitchen, a safe of some kind and what appears to be a hunter’s trophy room. From the simple pan through this new map, it’s clear that there will be a lot of options for players to accomplish their goals depending on the objective.

Ubisoft has stated that the Villa is designed “to offer a competitive showdown” and will be coming alongside Operation Para Bellum, the reveal of new Operators, Free Weekend dates, patch notes, and more in the coming weeks. Additionally, we can look forward to a full announcement of the game update May 19th and 20th during the Pro League Finals in Atlantic City via the game’s Twitch. Alongside news that Rainbow Six Siege has surpassed 30 million registered players last month, there’s no doubt that plenty of players will be eager to get their chance at the new map.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you want to try out the game for yourself, you can currently pick up the game on Amazon.

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