Rainbow Six Siege New Operation Phantom Sight Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming Year 4 update brings two new operators, a reworked Kafe, and loads of improvements to Ubisoft's popular shooter.

May 20, 2019

The second season of Year 4 for Rainbow Six Siege has been formally revealed bringing two new operators, a reworked Kafe Dostoyevsky, and a few other tweaks and features.

Nøkk, a new stealthy attack operator that can disappear with the flip of a switch; that switch being the HEL gadget. Activating the glove attachment, which has a fairly limited time window, will make her invisible to the opposing operator’s observation tools, as well as reduce the amount of noise she makes. This means she will be virtually invisible when using devices such as drones, bulletproof cameras, and evil eyes.

However, the HEL gadget isn’t perfect. The effect will glitch any time she moves faster than normal speed or when she takes damage. Some devices, like Echo’s Yokai or Mozzie’s hacked drones, have a waveform effect that will make her visible. Even with her flaws, Nøkk can be utilized during flanking situations, getting the surprise jump on almost every defender.

The Warden, a dapper defender equipped with glasses that can see through smoke and remove flash that can be activated as many times as you can during a match. The effect is similar to Glaz, although it isn’t as effective since the glasses are not equipped with thermal detection. Too much movement will have an effect on how well you can see through smoke, so finding the perfect angle and limiting your movement is crucial.

Certain operators will be able to counter Warden with ease. Thatcher’s ability to disable gadgets can remove the glasses effect immediately. IQ’s ability to detect gadgets will make him an easy target to spot.

Announced back in February, instead of releasing a brand new map, Ubisoft is reworking a handful of maps. The first map rework is Kafe Dostoyevsky. This includes new bomb sites, making old bomb sites more viable, and making a handful of changes to make a more balanced map overall.

The Year 4 Season 2 update also improves on some of the already implemented features. Reverse friendly fire will receive improvements in how all types of damage will be reversed. For those who play ranked, Pick & Ban, 3-round rotations and the Bomb game mode will now be the standard for all ranked matches. New skins, the Lesion elite set, and an improved shop have also been implemented.

Lastly, a breakdown of all the operator balances, bug fixes, and general tweaks have been listed. That large list can be found here.

Those who own Rainbow Six Siege‘s Year 4 pass will get Season 2 content at launch. Everyone else will be able to get Warden and Nøkk a week after launch by using credits or renown.

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