Rainbow Six Siege Title Update 2.1.1 Prepares the Game for Loot Boxes

Rainbow Six Siege Title Update 2.1.1 Prepares the Game for Loot Boxes

A new patch has been deployed for Rainbow Six Siege that readies the game for alpha packs.

Ubisoft has just deployed a new patch in preparation for some pretty exciting changes that are coming to its strategic team based shooter Rainbow Six Siege. Of all the things coming with the update, perhaps the most talked about implementation are the loot boxes that players will be able to earn in game. The new loot boxes will not be immediately available following the patch, but Ubisoft is expected to have a staggered release over the next few weeks. Additionally, everyone will be receiving one free Alpha Pack when it launches on their platform of choice.

Ubisoft is calling these loot boxes Alpha Packs and they will work a little differently than most games that offer similar packs. Whether you win or lose a match, your chances of an alpha pack dropping increases. However, the dice for an alpha pack drop only rolls when you win a match. Losing consecutive matches or winning matches but losing the alpha pack roll will continue to increase you chances at winning one.

The alpha packs will contain a variety of different loot options for players to earn and were designed to allow players to get free cosmetic items just by playing the game. These packs will contain a range of items including many past cosmetics (like the Black Ice skins) as well as Legendary tier items available only in alpha packs.

Alongside the alpha packs, the new update is also bringing a number of improvements to the game such as a fix for Hibanas X-KAIROS Launcher pellets not exploding sometimes or not displaying properly when shot between two reinforced walls. While we wont see any new operators or maps coming this month due to Operation Health, the fixes that Ubisoft is addressing is a welcomed addition. In August, Ubisoft is scheduled to release three new operators, a new map, and new weapons.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.