Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1 Update Operation Void Edge Revealed

The Kool-Aid man, a decoy lady, and a map rework of Oregon are the stars of the Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1 update, Operation Void Edge.

February 15, 2020

During the Six Invitational 2020, the Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1 update, Operation Void Edge, has been formally revealed. Just like the updates before, it will include an attack Operator, defense Operator, and a map rework.

Hailing from Jordan, Oryx is the new defender in Rainbow Six Siege, and he is essentially the Kool-Aid man. Instead of a new gadget, he uses his physicality to destroy soft walls and barriers with his Remah Dash. Additionally, his ability acts as a great counter to shielded foes like Montagne since he can knock over Operators. Oryx also has the ability to climb up hatches, making him one of the most mobile Operators in the game’s roster.

Iana is the new attacker introduced in Operation Void Edge, bringing a very useful gadget to the attacking team. The Gemini Replicator allows the Dutch Operator to produce a hologram of herself that looks, moves, and sounds just like her. Controlled by the player, the gadget essentially acts as a drone, allowing you to gather intel on the opposition. It is also great for tricking the opposition.

The map rework this time around is Oregon. While it isn’t a drastic change, there are a number of changes including a visual rehaul, added (and removed) entryways, a connecting passage between Kitchen and Big Tower, and much more. There are also more soft walls than before, which is perfect for the new wall-busting  Operator, Oryx.

If you want to learn more about Iana, Oryx, and the Oregon map rework, you can check out our guide on the site right now. This will also include my personal opinion of all the new content being added with the Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1 update.

If you’re hyped for the new season, you can purchase Rainbow Six Siege for Xbox One, PS4, and PC right now.

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