Rainbow Six Siege Will Be Split Into Dedicated Teams

Rainbow Six Siege Will Be Split Into Dedicated Teams

Ubisoft is splitting its Rainbow Six Siege team into different groups that will "take ownership of major topics and be available 24/7 to address them.

Rainbow Six Siege is in its fourth year now and has had a steady stream of Operators and maps be introduced since it initially released in 2015. That being said, there have been a number of issues, predominately when it comes to player toxicity. In order to cover all those bases, the Rainbow Six Siege team will now be separated into dedicated teams with each assigned major topics to focus on. There will be teams dedicated to events, esports, Operator balancing, player behavior, playlists, maps, and new Operators.

The team dedicated to maps will focus on reworking and balancing maps, new and old. For Year 4, there will be one new map and three reworks. Outback will be the new map of the year with two of the reworked maps being Kanal and Kafe Dostojewski which is shown in the newly released dev diary. This will allow maps, like the aforementioned, to have a new lifecycle by making improvements and slight tweaks to each of the maps.

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The events team will continue to bring in-game events like the Mad House Event from last year. Not only will these events bring a lightheartedness to the strategic shooter but also explore new facets of the game. This year, the focus is to experiment with gameplay and mechanics which will be tested by players via in-game events.

The balancing team will focus on, you guessed it, Operator balancing. This means a few Operators will be getting reworks throughout the year. Lion, Glaz, Ying, Dokkaebi, and Capitao are a few you can expect to get reworks in the coming year.

Player toxicity is a pretty big problem in Rainbow Six Siege hence why there is a whole team dedicated to player behavior. The first matter the team will focus on is team killing which I’m sure any Siege player knows too much about. The punishment shown is quite hilarious. From the footage shown, after the first team kill, any damage made to another teammate will instead go to the damage dealer. This feature will be available during the Y4S1 on public test servers.

The playlist team is there to help create an environment suitable for anyone who wants to play Rainbow Six Siege. As such, a Newcomer playlist will be implemented to address those who have just started playing the game. This allows players to focus on learning the mechanics of Rainbow Six Siege in an environment catered to those who are new to the game. It will also only include the Bomb game mode and three maps — Bank, Consulate, and Chalet.

The Casual playlist will also be seeing some changes. First, the Action Phase timer will now be reduced from 4 minutes to 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Attackers will also be able to choose their spawn point like in Ranked while the Defenders will now know from the beginning where they will be defending so they can pick the appropriate Operators for the job.

Ranked players also have something to look forward in 2019. Starting in Season 2 of Year 4, the playlist team is working on making Pick & Ban the main game mode for Ranked play. For those who may not know what Pick & Ban is, this is the mode currently used in competitive circuits of Rainbow Six Siege such as the 2019 Six Invitational.

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A timeline for Rainbow Six Siege‘s various esports leagues has also been detailed. The first major event for Pro League will be in Milan, Italy in May. The next major will be in the U.S during the month of August but a specific location has yet to be announced. This will be followed by another event in Asia and then back to Montreal, Canada for the Six Invitational in February 2020.

DualShockers is in Montreal, Canada at the Six Invitational. You can find recaps of both the Quarter Finals and Semi-Finals on the site. Today is the last day of the Invitational with G2 Esports and Team Empire fighting for that hammer trophy and the cash prize.