Haunting Indie Title Rainswept Gets Release Date

Haunting Indie Title Rainswept Gets Release Date

Rainswept is prepared to explore dark histories and an emotionally driven story coupled with a unique art-style when it launches on PC early next month.

Long gone are the notions that video games are simply all-out action affairs for button mashing maniacs. While titles of this nature still exist, they are often contrasted by rich story-driven games which feature mature emotional content coupled with beautiful art styles. It seems that Rainswept is ready to become one such title.

Created by Frostwood Interactive, a studio consisting solely of a man named Armaan Sandhu, Rainswept is the very definition of an indie game. Its story centers around a detective named Michael Stone as he investigates a couple’s apparent murder-suicide. The setting is a typical small town known as Pineview where he partners up with local officer Amy Blunt.

From this simple pre-courser, the story delves into Detective Stone’s background; exploring past relationships, traumatic scenarios, and a deep history.

The narrative goes hand in hand with the game’s beautiful graphical style which is brimming with captivating scenery and strong, striking colors.

You can check out the latest trailer for Rainswept below, which captures a sense of drama as Detective Stone struggles with his past. You also get to catch a glimpse of sweeping landscapes encased in fog, and the deathly still waters of Pineview’s lake.

Rainswept is coming to PC on February 1st, 2019.