Pokemon GO Rainy Lure - How to Get One, What it Does and What Pokemon it Attracts

While new Pokemon and events are added to Pokemon GO on a semi-regular basis, new items aren’t so common.

That’s why, when they are there’s always a little bit of confusion that surrounds them.

Some of the most recent items added to the game have included Elite TM’s, the Unova Stone, Remote Raid Passes and the Rocket Radars, however, an even newer item, the Rainy Lure Module has just been added to the game.

Here’s how to get a Rainy Lure Module, what it does and what Pokemon it attracts within Pokemon GO.

GO Beyond: The Pokémon GO journey continues beyond

GO Beyond: The Pokémon GO journey continues beyond

How to Get a Rainy Lure Module in Pokemon GO

Like the Mossy, Magnetic and Glacial Lure Modules, the main way to obtain a Rainy Lure is by purchasing it.

They are available from the store for a total of 200 Pokecoins which equates to $0.99/£0.79.

Occasionally, Niantic will give away special Lure Modules as rewards for completing research tasks – this seems likely for the new Luminous Legends X Event.

What Does it do?

The Rainy Lure Module, like those before it, can be placed on a Pokestop to attract a range of specific Pokemon.

Alongside this, it can also be used to help certain Pokemon evolve, like Sliggoo into Goodra.

What Pokemon Does a Rainy Lure Module Attract in Pokemon GO?

So far, the full list of Pokemon hasn’t officially been revealed, however, what we do know is a Rainy Lure will attract Pokemon that like rainy weather.

This means you will find Electric, Water and Bug-type Pokemon en masse situated around any active rainy lures.

We’ll be sure to update this list as soon as more information becomes available.

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