Raise Your New Dragon Battle Mount in the Archeage: Legends Return 4.5 Update

Raise Your New Dragon Battle Mount in the Archeage: Legends Return 4.5 Update

The ArcheAge: Legends Return 4.5 update gives players new content, such as Dragon Mounts, new servers, and the new Shadow Invasion events.

The new ArcheAge: Legends Return 4.5 update has been released, offering some exciting new content for ArcheAge gamers. From new progression servers to Dragon Mounts, and even the new Shadow Invasions, the new gameplay is certain to keep players busy in ArcheAge.

Two new progression servers are now available to play in. The first is Nui, a North American server, and then Ezi, which is based in Europe. However, there are some new mechanics attached to these servers. Both will have time-locked content, something not done before in ArcheAge.

You begin with low level caps and systems from the original launch on these two new servers, then develop more major systems over time, such as the Hero Elections and Castle Sieges. If you missed out on playing ArcheAge in its early months, then here is your chance to try it without being steamrolled by players with levels tiered above your own. There are also Marketplace restrictions added for these two new servers, having all players at an equal footing through restrictions in both gear and marketplace progression. This will happen over a spanned time of several months. A Fresh Start progression calendar can be viewed here and will continue to update into the future.

Dragon Mounts have been added to ArcheAge: Legends Return, and you can battle with them too! Culture your own little adorable fire-flapper into a massive, bloodthirsty battle-breather through new mechanics gained with Daru trainers. When ready, your new Dragon can then be summoned for battle.

These new creatures also come in classic Dragon colors: black, red, and green. Want to mold your new mount into a difficult opponent for others? Then simply add some armor to increase their stats.

ArchAge: Legends Return also brings the new Shadow Invasions. These rift events pop up every time one of the major world bosses die. The shadow that belonged to the world boss that was slain will seek revenge, forcing players to work together for any shot at victory. However, there are great advantages to completing a Shadow Invasion, such as gaining rare materials, such as Gilda Stars.

ArcheAge is a free-to-play game on PC, and ArcheAge: Legends Return is now available to play in its 4.5 update. Want to see what’s new in ArcheAge: Legends Return? Then check out the trailer below, or maybe wander off to see more material on the official ArcheAge website.