Randall Hands On Preview

Randall Hands On Preview

Randall is another Metroid inspired 2D Action game with a clever twist: instead of gaining powers to add to your arsenal, you take advantage of enemies in order to progress. This requires more skill out of the player, since you can’t merely rely on missiles which can be restocked, but instead have to rely on an enemy’s body. Instead of getting a high jump you have to juggle an enemy, stun them, and then lift off of them to perform a double jump. You could also control an enemy and use his strength to battle other foes in the same area, or engage them with your melee attacks instead.


The section I played was a quick vertical slice often seen in early demos, and because of this the learning curve was much steeper as new mechanics are quickly introduced and required to move ever onward. Blocking progression are platforming sections involving lasers, instant death spikes, wall jumps, and more. These require correct timing to avoid being vaporized, though thankfully checkpoints were generous ensuring frustrations won’t peak.


There was not much story context given, leaving the narrative in Randall a mystery. The developer, We The Force, a small Mexico based team of eight, did divulge that Randall is the name of our hero, though he doesn’t know it yet. A voice in his head is leading him onwards away from the hostile base he begins in, though not much more context is given.


Death came often and quick, but due to a quick reload system this challenging platformer won’t push you over the edge and instead require precise control on a character, differing it from other 2D platformers that rely more on exploration and discovery. Hopefully we shall see the full game soon, as the studio is pushing for a 2016 release on Steam and PlayStation 4. You can check out some screenshots and banners in the gallery below.