Random Gamer Girl Rant: Does Gaming Stop?

Okay, supposedly there’s this time in your Life where the gaming just stops; or so I heard.  Or maybe it came out from some guy’s mouth.  Don’t remember, don’t care because it’s not true.

Sure, Life has its ups and downs and forces you to rethink situations at hand.   It doesn’t necessarily mean that the gaming goes away forever.  There’s a time to take care of things.

Being a mom, a Gamer Girl, a part-time worker seeking better working opportunities, my gaming doesn’t stop.

See, I have responsibilities to take care of just like most of you out there.  I have a family to take care of and a teenage daughter to graciously monitor when need be.  But there are those precious moments when you hear, “Let’s shoot.” “Let’s race!”  “Let’s Wii Sports!” (And that’s just coming out of the husband’s mouth).  Gaming at our house is not every moment of every day.  My husband goes to work and to school.  My daughter goes to school, comes home and does her homework and studies; hopefully you kids out there are doing the same so that you may one day be successful.  But when we have those moments where it’s empty times, what comes to mind?  It’s Video Game Time!  The husband plays his Madden and his shooter games, my daughter and I like our RPGs and our Mario Kart / Mario Party games, not to mention shooter games as well.

Gaming doesn’t stop if you’re a true gamer.  You may grow up and have responsibilities to take care of, but the gamer in you never goes away.

What does this all lead to?

See, all of us gamers here at the DualShockers Online Community, we all grew up during different time lines.  But nonetheless, we all got our start playing video games at an early age.  All we knew was Pong, or Frogger, or Galaga, or SFII,  the arcades, or maybe even the old school Atari console.  Whatever the case may be, most of us started out somewhere playing video games at an early age.

There are some older adults out there that strongly believe that at some point in time the video games have to go away; that it’s only for the little kids and the teenagers.  I really don’t believe this, nor do I care what these individuals believe in.

I was taught growing up to stand up for what I believe in and to hold strong values to my name.  (Respect and appreciation are in there too)!  I hold the gamer values strong to my beliefs, and I believe if you’re a true gamer gaming doesn’t stop forever; sometimes it just gets put on hold.  Usually it is beyond our control that this happens, but after the storm passes, gaming comes back and we all feel better.

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