Rangchu Makes History and Wins Tekken World Tour Finals

Rangchu Makes History and Wins Tekken World Tour Finals

Rangchu defeats defending Tekken World Tour champion, Qudans, at this year's World Finals making history as the first Panda player to win a Major.

For the first time ever, a Panda player wins a major Tekken tournament. That’s right, Rangchu took on defending Tekken World Tour champ, Qudans, in a nail-biting Grand Final at the Tekken World Tour Finals. After making the loser’s run through a reset, Rangchu made history and defeated Qudans 3-1.

During the beginning of the Top 8, Rangchu was actually in Winners against Knee, who is a top level player of many characters. This match was a pretty quick, as Rangchu got cleaned out by Knee’s Devil Jin 2-0. However, this loss didn’t stop his momentum as afterward Rangchu mowed through JeonDDing and Chanel 2-0 each.

In Losers Finals, we saw a run back against Rangchu and Knee but this time things turned out differently. Maybe thanks to the previous experience, the Panda main stopped Knee in his tracks and earned an unlikely seat in Grand Finals.

After a steady climb and brave decisions during the sets, Rangchu won and became the 2018 Tekken World Tour Champion. This tournament feat is extremely impressive as Rangchu took out top tier characters with Panda. For those who unfamiliar with Tekken 7‘s meta, Panda doesn’t fair too high on the charts. This is even more of an obstacle when you play against S-tier characters such as Devil Jin (used by both Knee and Qudans).

It’s incredible to see the meta in Tekken 7 be flipped around to show people that characters can be viable if used properly. The Tekken World Tour will also be getting another season next year so the action doesn’t have to stop.

This is a great time now to get back into Tekken 7 as the second season of characters drop. In fact, Marduk and Armor King are releasing tomorrow with Julia and The Walking Dead‘s Negan releasing at later dates. You can pick up Tekken 7 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One via Amazon if you’re thinking about picking the game up in time for the next season.

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