Ranking The Super Mario Movie Cast By How Much They Made Me Laugh


By Sam Woods

September 24, 2021

Last night, during Nintendo’s first Direct since E3, Nintendo shared some of the key cast members for the upcoming Super Mario Movie.

The line-up included some of Holywood’s biggest stars, however, was met with an incredible reaction by everybody watching live and on Twitter. This included me and my friend, as we watched on Discord together in both fits of laughter and pure shock.

So, as we look back on what a wild ride last night was, I thought I’d rank the Super Mario Movie cast by how much they made me laugh!

Mario Party Superstars – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Direct | E3 2021

Mario Party Superstars – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Direct | E3 2021

6. Anya Taylor-Joy – Princess Peach

Okay, this is some good casting and was maybe the only one that didn’t elicit some kind of chuckle from me.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s career has been on a serious upwards trajectory recently and should fit the role of Princess Peach nicely!

5. Jack Black – Bowser

It says a lot when Jack Black as Bowser is only the fifth funniest casting decision of a movie.

The legendary actor-cum-musician-cum-comedian has the ability to bring Bowser to life, as long as he doesn’t go full Jack Black. Either way, it’s still funny.

4. Seth Rogen – Donkey Kong

What!? The more I think of Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, the more I think it could potentially be a stroke of genius, however, that doesn’t mean my initial reaction wasn’t one of lots of laughter.

Maybe it’s because he was the last major character to be announced and I was all giddy at this point but it was another classic announcement.

3. Keegan-Michael Key – Toad

Keegan-Michael Key is a very funny actor. Keegan-Michael Key as Toad is almost unfathomable but also very funny.

If they get this right, it could be an absolute masterstroke, however, like so many of the other casting decisions, this could go either way. Regardless, imagining Key as Toad brings me joy.

2. Charlie Day – Luigi

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the funniest shows ever created. Charlie Day plays one of the funniest characters, in one of the funniest shows.

When he was announced as the part of Luigi in the Super Mario Movie cast, I couldn’t stop laughing. And every time I look at the above image, I let out a little giggle. This is an amazing trainwreck waiting to happen.

1. Chris Pratt – Mario

This one has to take the top spot for the shock factor alone.

As Miyamoto stepped on stage and started to announce the cast, I’m sure nobody doubted that Charles Martinet would be voicing the titular hero. Sadly, those people were wrong and instead, what we got was something no one could have predicted, except for that one guy on Twitter.

Like the rest of the world, this had me in stitches.

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