Rappelz 7.2 Update Has Stables, “Church Fanatics”, and Ice Maidens

on March 20, 2011 2:30 PM

Rappelz 7.2 Update Has Stables,

For those of you who love free-to-play MMOs and eagle-men, have I got good news for you. The latest Rappelz update adds a new “Pet Stable System”, allowing you to collect and store your various fantastical beasts, who accrue experience while chilling on the farm. Unfortunately, there are no details as of yet on breeding your pets. Maybe someday you will be able to cross-breed your Griffiths and your Eagle-Men.

The update also adds a new pet, the Ice Maiden, who, as one would expect, uses ice-based abilities. Keeping a woman (elemental anthropomorphization or no) as a pet seems a bit… odd to me, but whatevs. I wonder how she’ll factor into the inevitable pet breeding system.

There is also a Rank 6 Dungeon, the Vault of Lies, filled with “Church Fanatics” and “forbidden experiments”. It promises to have a “robust new story arc”. There are also a few new armor sets and stuff, as one would expect. Hopefully you can put them on the pets and that will affect their stats in the pet breeding system.

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