Raptr iPhone App Tracks Your Gamer Friends

Raptr iPhone App Tracks Your Gamer Friends

Have you always wanted the great features that Raptr has to offer in the palm of your hand? For iPhone users, that time has come. And it’s free. Available now in the iTunes Store, the new Raptr iPhone app is the only app that lets you track what games your friends are playing on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. You can even send messages to Xbox 360 and Raptr users.

“Raptr has become the industry leader for connecting millions of gamers on the console and PC, and we’re pleased to bring our services to a mobile device,” says Dennis Fong, CEO of Raptr. “Mobile is one of the most untapped platforms for enhancing the overall gamer experience, and our app brings together different utilities that gamers want into one unified place. We look forward to continually building upon the experience.”

Raptr iPhone app features include:

  • Know what your friends are playing across Xbox Live, PS3, PC (Steam, Social Games), and Raptr in real-time
  • Automatically add all of your existing Xbox Live, PS3, and Steam friends
  • Send and receive Raptr and Xbox Live messages via one unified inbox
  • Track your game-play and achievements on your Raptr.com profile
  • Find new friends and invite other friends to use Raptr from your iPhone address book, Twitter, and more
  • Enhanced fast app switching support for iOS4, and high resolution avatars
  • A section dedicated to Raptr’s official blog that keeps Raptr users constantly in sync with the latest updates, data reports and news

Head over to the iTunes store now and pick up your free Raptr app.