Rare Answers Sea of Thieves Questions About Post-Launch Content, Character Customization, and More

In a recent Reddit AMA, the development team at Rare answered a variety of fan questions about Sea of Thieves ahead of launch.

March 18, 2018

After years of waiting, Sea of Thieves is nearly upon us. While many are gearing up to take to the high seas with their friends this coming Tuesday, we recently learned a few more details about the game just before its release.

Various members of the development team at Rare Ltd. recently took to Reddit for an AMA (ask me anything) related to everything and anything dealing with Sea of Thieves. There were dozens upon dozens of different questions answered in the thread, but these are some of the more interesting nuggets of info that we found.

One Reddit user named peraldon asked Rare about post-launch DLC for Sea of Thieves and whether or not they would disclose the game’s roadmap for first-year content plans after the game launches. Joe Neate, Executive Producer on Sea of Thieves, answered the question and said the following:


I think we’re only ever likely to cover a few months ahead to maintain mystery (so you can be surprised and delighted) and so we can be reactive. Things will change as Sea of Thieves evolves. We want to have the time to reveal what the features mean for players before we put them in their hands. We’ve taken a show not tell policy for the entire project so far and we’re committed to that.

Another popular topic during the AMA dealt with character customization in Sea of Thieves. Reddit user ColoniaCroisant asked about the possibility of seeing different pirates from various other regions around the world. The response gave players hope to see this more in future content drops.

Yes. The art team have done a bunch of work on different cosmetics, and I’ve already seen some early work on an oriental style that is super cool. We will see more cosmetic styles come in as we move forward.

Again on the topic of customization, user Mavorant asked about potentially seeing tattoo customization added to Sea of Thieves considering how important tattoos were in pirate culture. Rare’s Ted Timmins responded and again said it’s something they hope to add in the future.

Like hair colour we’re working on the design of how we get tattoos to players. We love the idea of unlocking a tattoo after an in game event. Our IPG tech means we can do this, we think it’s super cool and we’ll look at it post launch.

Laslty, Reddit user danis5 asked if we would one day be able to add flags upon ships in an effort to signal to other players intentions in the game’s PvE environment. Rare said:

Short answer: we absolutely want to, it’s a great way to signal intent (or to deceive people). Just got to agree where it comes in our plans, but yes, this sounds great.

There were many other questions throughout the thread that dealt with quests, ship naming, and caves/dungeons throughout the game world. If you want to check the whole thread out for yourself, you can find it here.

As mentioned, Sea of Thieves is mere hours away at this point and will be launching on Xbox One and PC this Tuesday, March 20.

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