Rare Has Interest in Reviving Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, and Viva Piñata with Kinect on Xbox One

Rare Has Interest in Reviving Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, and Viva Piñata with Kinect on Xbox One

While Rare is busy spending their energy on developing Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One to launch early next year, it seems that the company already has plans in place for their next games that may include a few old faces.

Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine during this week’s Gamescom and talking about Kinect Sports Rivals‘ controls utilizing both Kinect and controller input for various functions, the studio also mentioned their endeavors to continue finding new ways to use Kinect that could possibly bring back many of their vintage IPs, such as Viva Piñata, Conker, Banjo-Kazooie, and Perfect Dark. Simon Woodroffe, Creative Director at Rare, spoke in an interview with OXM about the studio’s plans with Kinect:

“When we launched Kinect obviously there was a big focus on ‘everything must be Kinect.’ Now it’s in the box: use it where it makes sense, don’t where it doesn’t. It can be used in some really not-gimmicky ways – which is what I think you’ll see a fair amount of – but ways that actually really enhance the game. We’ve got some ideas for how to use it in the right way. We’ve got an idea for [Perfect Dark]. It would be controller plus Kinect. we’ve got ideas for most older Rare IP, you won’t be surprised to hear. There’s a lot of desire to do that, and Viva Pinata, ConkerBanjo‘s very popular internally, a lot of people want to do stuff with Banjo…we’re all about giving people new experiences, that’s what we want to do. It’s a very technical studio. I’m relatively new, what I’ve learned is they’re [Rare] brilliant at technology: they really know how to make creative things out of technology. We want to find that thing that nobody’s ever done before and make a game out of it. We should be inventing new genres, inventing new ways to play. And this sensor gives us new opportunities to do it, with the fidelity it has now.”

Woodroffe finished by mentioning that while the studio is currently focusing on completion of Kinect Sports Rivals, Rare does plan to support the game after launch and then begin development on new titles for Xbox One afterward, keeping Kinect in mind.

While obviously most of this is just spitballing of ideas by Woodroffe, the prospects of a new Conker game or Viva Piñata (!!!) certainly sound exciting – would you be excited too by Rare’s plans to (possibly, of course) bringing back some of their old franchises for  the next-gen?