Rare Hiring Developers For Next-Gen Console Kinect Sports

By Miranda Quillen

December 2, 2012

Considering Rare is hiring engineers to work on early prototype hardware, there’s not much that could be other than the next Xbox, especially when you consider they want to focus on Kinect and Cloud technology, the latter of which hasn’t been used at all on the current Xbox 360. While another Kinect Sports isn’t exactly groundbreaking news, it does point to developers beginning to ramp up developments for the next-gen console which we can expect to debut at next year’s E3.

It is a shame that the once gaming powerhouse is now relegated to minor titles such as a Kinect sequel, but perhaps the funds from a third Kinect Sports will allow the company to get back to some of their old IPs. I know I’ll never forget some of their games such as Banjo-Kazooie and the original Perfect Dark. Some have certainly accused the studio of going downhill, or being sucked dry by Microsoft.

The good news for us, is the more people that get their hands on this new console, the more chances that something will slip out. While you can’t accidentally leave an Xbox in a bar, as happened with a prototype iPhone 4, we may see some gradual leaks filter their way onto the internet. I imagine at the very least, we’re going to start seeing a lot more job listings for these things in the coming months, as studios begin to get into gear for the new consoles.

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