Rare Likely to Showcase Their New Game with Microsoft at E3 2015

on May 3, 2015 1:36 PM

After tweeting congratulations to Playtonic on their successful Kickstarter project Yooka-Laylee, Simon Woodroffe responded to fan tweets that Gregg Mayles would announce his new project at E3 2015.

Woodroffe explained further that Mayles is very excited about the project,

Gregg Mayles is the Creative Director at Rare and one of the last original members of the company. Simon Woodroffe also works at Rare as the Studio Creative Director. When Woodroffe was pushed for more information he again referenced that E3 would hold more information,

Woodroffe’s project is separate from Mayles’, as he is working with two other Rare employees on something different.

Woodroffe also alluded that the project is something new,

Last November Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, teased that he was shown a Rare game, which was specifically Mayles’ project. Most likely at E3 we’ll be seeing this mystery game, with Woodroffe working on a separate title in the meantime.

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