Rare Promptly Squashes Rumors of Rare Replay Coming To Wii U

on December 14, 2015 11:33 AM

Following the announcement of Minecraft for Wii U, many players took that news as a sign that Microsoft and Nintendo were open to some kind of partnership. Minecraft is owned by Microsoft, but the rumors of that game coming to Wii U have been long-standing. For some reason, this gave many hope that perhaps Microsoft-owned characters (like Banjo and Kazooie) could make it to Super Smash Bros. as DLC.

Another outlandish rumor was that this year’s collection Rare Replay would be ported to Wii U. Many of the games included did debut on Nintendo 64, so the logical jumps aren’t too hard to make. However, Rare Ltd. took to Twitter and quickly shot that rumor down.

There you have it. Rare Replay is now available exclusively on Xbox One and will likely remain that way for a while.

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