Rare Shares Details on Next Sea of Thieves Expansion: Shrouded Spoils

Rare Shares Details on Next Sea of Thieves Expansion: Shrouded Spoils

Rare has shared some details on what Sea of Thieves players can expect in the next content update named Shrouded Spoils which includes dynamic fog.

Rare has shared some details on the next Sea of Thieves expansion named Shrouded Spoils in a developer update video posted to their YouTube channel.

In this video Joe Neate, executive producer, talks about how every update includes beta testing, player feedback, and bug testing and how important it is to development. Festival of the Damned will come October 31 and is currently undergoing testing. Forsaken Shores cosmetics will disappear once the Festival of the Damned starts up, so now is the final time for you to try to earn those costumes.

Shrouded Spoils will come at some point in November and a future video will address all the content coming with that expansion. Some of the features included in Shrouded Sails are ship customization. Fog will be introduced into the world and will obstruct your vision and making the crow’s nest more important in order to see farther. This fog can roll onto islands and the sea at any point and makes navigation more dangerous. Commendations for Pirate Legends will be added, which are specific challenges made only for that class of players.

Beyond Shrouded Spoils, on November 10, at the XO18 event in Mexico City, Sea of Thieves will have an announcement for future content as well as a trailer showing those additions off.

Sea of Thieves is currently available on Xbox One and PC after its release on March 20, 2018 and has received multiple updates and expansions since release.