Rare to Focus on Kinect, Possibly Exclusively

In a very strange move, Steve Henson (the new studio manager for RARE Entertainment) has announced that the company will be  focusing on producing content for Kinect from here on out.

“Kinect will be the main focus for Rare going forwards as it’s a very rich canvas,” he told MCV. “This is just the beginning of an experience that will touch millions of people.”

To show such faith in a software that at this point has not even been made available to the public is interesting.

“My vision for Rare is the same today as it has always been – they have great vision, they are very creative and they take big bold risks to create groundbreaking experiences. We love taking risks and really pushing the boundaries of what people can do, and we’re really excited to see what it means to explore the boundaries of controller-free gaming. I think Rare’s future will continue to push those boundaries, continue to use Kinect as the basis for innovation.”

As a gamer with no current intentions to purchase Kinect and one who has always enjoyed Rare’s releases in the past, this is a very interesting and strange move for me. I’m not necessarily against the hardware, but have no desires at the moment to pick it up. However if they announce a Conker sequel for the Kinect I’ll be purchasing both as soon as humanly possible!

Henson has apparently told MCV that they will be exclusive to Kinect, yet at the same time appears to have told EuroGamer that they are NOT exclusive. Until a clarification is made on this, we can file the exclusivity of their focus under a Rumor, but one thing is for sure; Rare will be working with Kinect in the future. Hopefully featuring drunken squirrels.

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