Rare’s Sea of Thieves Gets More Info on First and Third Person, Player Interaction and More

Rare’s Sea of Thieves Gets More Info on First and Third Person, Player Interaction and More

During the first episode of Rare’s new  Sea of Thieves podcast, the development team of Sea of Thieves answered a few questions about the upcoming shared world adventure game.

First of all, we get a word about the beta. While they can’t commit to a precise a precise date, Rare wants to launch the test “earlier than they ever did before.”

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether there will be a third person mode. The answer is that the core of the game is first person, as it achieves a lot in terms of immersion. That said, there might be some things in the future where the developers might “selectively make use of third person.” First person also prompts players to rely more on each other.

The team is aware that players expect to be able to check out their characters and customization, so they want to give “options or times” in which you can actually see your character from a third person perspective.

Players can set sail and play alone with a small ship if they so wish. They’ll still be part of the shared world, and the game naturally encourages them to play with others. Bigger ships can carry more loot and have more cannons, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t be a lone pirate doing quests on your own.

You can switch whenever you want between playing on your own or with friends. You don’t need to stick to one playstyle, and there will be matchmaking mechanics to let solo players find a group. One of the team’s goals is to prompt players to make new friends within the game.

In the next few months the team will have a lot to talk about in terms of what is in the game and of what’s to come. They also promised a “super exclusive thing” for people that will turn up for the game’s panel at San Diego Comic Con.