Raskulls Gets First DLC: Reinforcements

on January 27, 2011 2:45 PM

Raskulls Gets First DLC: ReinforcementsRaskulls is a game that I greatly enjoyed personally, so I’m glad to see it being supported by the developers. The first batch of DLC for the game is now available; called Reinforcements, it adds four new playable characters (Kitten, Spaceman, Viking, and Barney the PiRat) as well as a new Grand Prix race. The DLC also adds three new achievements which are worth a total of 50 new Achievement Points.

Doesn’t seem like whole lot of content does it? Well how about the fact that the DLC only costs a measly 160 Microsoft Mandalin Dollars, or $2 in the real world. You can download the Reinforcements DLC right here, and as an extra thank you for all the love the game has been receiving you can download the soundtrack to Raskulls right here for the price of your choosing. Free is an option if you want, or you could be a boss and pay a bit…the choice is yours.

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