RatedEpicz Banned From GTA NoPixel Server - Reason & Ban Duration

RatedEpicz will be taking a few days off from GTA RP following his ban!

By Kyle Knight

May 12, 2021

Twitch streamers role-playing in the popular game Grand Theft Auto Online has suddenly become the new big thing, next to the Twitch hot tub meta of course. But unfortunately, the rules are quite strict, and this has led to RatedEpicz being banned from the server.

Fans the Twitch streamer RatedEpicz don’t need to worry, the ban isn’t permanent and he’s taking it with full responsibility and class.

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Who Is RatedEpicz?

RatedEpicz is one of the most prominent streamers within the GTA RP community. Rated has over 350,000 followers on his Twitch channel and almost 30,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Rated’s most prominent GTA character that he roleplay’s as is known as ‘Randy Bullet’, a high-profile criminal in Los Santos.

RatedEpicz GTA NoPixel Ban

If you’re not familiar with GTA RP, it’s important to note that the rules on the NoPixel server are incredibly strict. As this is role-playing, any streamer that is found to have come out of character is risking a ban.

This is exactly how RatedEpicz received his 3 day ban from the server.

Thanks to a post on Reddit, we’ve got a bit of context as to what went down that caused Rated to receive a ban from the server.

The reason for the ban revolves around a confrontation with a fellow streamer, AaronOnAir. The pair were both role-playing on the server, with Aaron RP’ing as a police officer and Rated as his criminal character Randy Bullet.

Trouble arose when Rated assaulted Aaron’s character and fled the scene, after Rated was apprehended and arrested, the pair came to an agreement and Rated was released. However, Aaron refused to return any illegal items that were taken from Rated upon his arrest.

This decision led to Rated going out of character and ranting to his Twitch chat, which ultimately led to his ban from the server for going out of character.

Rated has since issued 2 statements, the first claiming that he has spoken to Aaron and cleared the air. The second is that he accepts full responsibility for his actions and will be taking some time off. You can find both of these statements in the Tweets below.

RatedEpicz will be banned from playing on the NoPixel server for a total of 3 days, but it looks like he will be taking some extra time and streaming a variety of other games in the meantime.

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