Ravenfield Paints the Town Red (and Blue) with new Steam Early Access Trailer

Ravenfield is one of those games that you’re not sure what to make of at first. Developer SteelRaven7 has created a simple looking FPS that at first glance looks like a something a programming student wold make. However, this Steam Early Access title captures the fun of earlier team shooters where red vs blue was good enough for conflict. The game only released a few days back for $14.99 USD for PC, Mac, and Linux. An extra 15% can also be taken off the price if you buy before May 25th.

There really isn’t any deep story or crazy gimmicks to Ravenfield. You play as a certain primary color and you have to kill everyone who doesn’t share your hue. A neat aspect of the game is the paint splatter from bullet wounds and explosions that splotch the environment up with reds and blues.

According to the Steam Early Access page, the ‘key features’ of the game are:

  • Easy-to-pickup, singleplayer mayhem
  • Fight as infantry, or in ground vehicles, aircraft, or watercraft
  • Active ragdoll physics combines tactical strategies with a sprinkle of silly fun
  • The number of combatants is only limited by what your computer can handle!
  • Damaged soldiers drop team-colored blood splats, indicating where battles have taken place

Vehicular combat seems to be a big part of Ravenfield‘s gameplay with tanks, helicopters, ATVs, and boats making all type of terrain seem passable. Luckily it looks like rockets will be in high demand and able to knock some of those machines out of the sky, sea, and land.

As for the future of this Early Access project, SteelRaven7 wants to commit to major updates ‘every 4-6 weeks’. These will be the ones with additional content. Bug fixes and balancing will be handled with small patches where needed. The first of these quick fixes came with an update just yesterday meaning that the devs are serious about getting the game to a better state.

Some of the major plans for Ravenfield include:

  • Custom map support
  • Steam Workshop integration
  • AI Commanding
  • Campaign mode
  • Custom vehicle support
  • Custom weapon support

If any of this sounds enticing to you, you can pick up the beta now on Steam. No release date has been given yet for the finished product and it’s hard to guess how long it will take to complete. But the launch teaser is definitely out now for all of us to enjoy:

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Leif Conti-Groome

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