Rayman Redemption is the Fan-Made Remake of the Original You Never Knew You Needed

One dedicated and talented fan recreated the first Rayman title, released back in 1995, as Rayman Redemption after three years of development.

After three years of work, a dedicated fan of the original Rayman has now completed work on his fan-remake of the title: Rayman Redemption. The full title, as well as the soundtrack, is now available as a free download for those itching to play a beautifully redone version of the classic game. Watch the release trailer below:

The development was done entirely by Ryemanni, a game developer from Finland, who can also be found on Twitch. According to him on his official site: “Rayman Redemption is a reimagination of the original Rayman game from 1995. The features a lot of new content, including new worlds, levels, minigames and stuff to collect and complete.”

He even did a mockup PC cover for the game, which is excellent by the way:

As always, it’s absolutely incredible to see the amount of work and effort that goes into recreating a game from scratch. Especially when one tackles a project like this alone. You can download the full game (with current updates) here on Game Jolt. Meanwhile be sure to check out the full gallery of screenshots from the game posted just below:

Rayman 1 follows the adventures of Rayman, a hero who must save his colorful world from the evil Mr. Dark. Originally designed for the Atari Jaguar in 1995, a PlayStation version was developed and released for the North American launch of the console on September 9th 1995; and later ports were created for Sega Saturn in 1995 and MS-DOS computers in 1996.

Rayman Legends was the last official title from Ubisoft in the franchise that released on consoles, with titles after that were released for mobile devices. And as of April of this year, the title was made free for Uplay users.

And last year, following the release date and pricing for Apple Arcade, Apple announced several new exclusive games that would come to the service. One of them being the latest Rayman Mini. And if you’re dying to play even more Rayman, back in 2018 Brawlhalla debuted the protagonist in the Blue Mammoth Games developed fighter.

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