Razer Team Up With Amazon Alexa to Bring New Voice Capabilities to Its Gaming Platform

Razer Team Up With Amazon Alexa to Bring New Voice Capabilities to Its Gaming Platform

Razer has announced their first-of-its-kind integration by combining Amazon Alexa with Razer Chrome compatible devices to offer gamers voice activation and synchronization

Razer has announced at CES 2019, that it has made a new friend and her name is Alexa. The gaming peripherals company has stated that they have got together with Amazon Alexa to bring a new wave of convenience and support to its Razer Chrome devices. Alexa support will be delivered to compatible devices via Razer Synapse 3, the company’s cloud-based hardware configuration tool. This is one of the many ideas Razer have come up with lately, not forgetting the strange introduction of its Chroma RGB lighting technology into its new electric cars in China.

Without much effort at all, you’ll now be able to speak through your Razer headset’s microphone to change a number of LED lights and other customizable neon aesthetics that include the color on Razer mice, keyboards and headsets just by asking the always obliging Alexa to do it. Users will also be able to control the lighting on the Philips Hue that also includes some third-party hardware devices like PC cases, motherboards, and cooling fans, using the Razer Chroma Connect module. Razer also stated that the Razer Chroma Connected Devices Program is now officially live with 15 new partners, taking the total of Razer Chroma-enabled devices to over 300.

Min-Liang Tan who is CEO and Co-Founder at Razer discussed how the company is looking into the future for the users of their products and for the gamers to get the full potential of Razer’s gaming peripheral where his aim is to make it as “seamless and intuitively” as possible through voice activation, synchronization, and connected cloud services.

“We’re thrilled to work with Razer and provide customers with a first-of-its-kind integration that showcases how Alexa can enhance the gaming experience.” exclaimed Pete Thompson, VP of the Alexa Voice Service “Alexa, users can control compatible Razer peripherals while taking full advantage of other Alexa capabilities, including the ability to manage smart devices, access tens of thousands of skills and more.”

Here are some examples of what you will be able to ask Alexa, that’s if she gets it right, of course:

“Alexa, ask Chroma to change my lighting profile to FPS mode.”
“Alexa, sync all of my devices to my team color.”
“Alexa, ask Chroma to start Overwatch”
“Alexa, ask Razer Synapse to decrease my DPI to 200.”
“Alexa, ask Razer to change Audio settings to Movie mode.”

So, when can you expect to get your hands on this new bit of kit then? Apparently, you’ll be able to use Amazon Alexa for Razer Synapse users in the second quarter of 2019, that’s if you live in America and Canada though, so anyone else outside of that will have to wait a little longer but hopefully, they are still looking at sometime this year.

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