Razer Announces Gold Edition of Razer Phone, Celebrating Chinese New Year

Razer Announces Gold Edition of Razer Phone, Celebrating Chinese New Year

The Gold Edition Razer Phone is available now, a surprise move by hardware manufacturer Razer to grab Chinese New Year attention.

Two weeks ahead of the beginning of The Year of the Dog, Razer has revealed that they will be producing a limited-time offer for people celebrating the Chinese New Year. Revealed earlier today by press release, the Gold Edition Razer Phone is a re-skinned foil to add some gold accents to the device.

As seen in the picture below, the biggest variation between the normal Razer Phone and the Gold Edition Razer Phone is the beautiful packaging. Clad in red, gold, and Eastern-inspired art, the packaging itself looks like a display piece. As mentioned previously, the only real difference between the actual hardware is the change for a silver Razer logo to a gold Razer logo on the back of the phone.

If you are looking to make the switch from your current phone, the Gold Edition Razer Phone will run you roughly $699.99 USD and is limited to the dedicated Razer online store and some select Hong Kong retailers. Even better, you can grab the phone right now if you are so inclined.

For those out of the loop — yes, Razer is in the mobile market. While they don’t have the word of mouth or market share that titans like Samsung or Apple have amassed, the smartphone was only revealed in November 2017. Unlike the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy, Razer is the latest (but not the first) brand of phones to target the gaming audience.

In that vein, the Razer Phone offers HDR packed in and 5.1 surround sound. Beyond that, the phone boasts up to 120 Hz refresh rates, Quad HD display, Dolby Atmos, and dual 12 MP cameras. So yeah, just about every buzzword a gamer would be looking for in a phone.

The Razer Phone (in both the standard and Gold Edition) are available now for $699.99. You can check out the Year of the Dog-themed packaging below:

Razer Phone Gold Year of the Dog